Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Bees

Wow, I can't believe all of the fun and exciting things happening with Ella's Halo.  We have been busy little bees.

1.  Check out our new facebook page here!  Like our page and send it to your friends.  Help us spread the word about Ella's Halo and keep up-to-date on what we are up to.

2.  Check out my Story of Hope on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope here!  Scroll down a little to find my story about Ella's Halo and how it has been my hope and healing.

3.  Check out our website here!  We have been working to update more of Ella's story, more pictures and more about what we are doing.

4.  Check out our side bar to subscribe to get email updates each time we post a new story on our blog.  That way you won't miss anything.

5.  October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month.  We remember our sweet little girl and of course all of her angel friends.  Please light a candle on October 15th  at 7:00 pm to remember all of our little angels who have gone too soon. Find out about this special month and day here and here!

6.  I got to meet with the STEP Parent Group at Children's Hospital in St. Paul this week.  That team of parents gave us lots of good feedback and ideas that they would like to see in their NICU.  We are busy taking those ideas and will hopefully have a few new projects that Ella's Halo can provide to families in the NICU.  Learn more about Children's Hospital here!

7.  We are so excited about our next Ella's Halo event.  Strides for NICUs will be on October 30th in Perham, MN.  We are so excited to host our 5K and family walk in a city that has and continues to be so supportive of our family.  See where and what Perham Minnesota is all about here! Come out and join us at this event and don't forget to invite your friends.

8.  This weekend a group of girls will be running in the Filthy 5K in Fargo raising awareness for Ella's Halo.  We will be there cheering them on and watch them run by dressed in pink.  Go to the website here to see more about this awesome event.

So as you can see we have been busy buzzing around here.  So many fun and new things that Ella's Halo is working towards and even a few more not even on the list. Check back soon for even more fun and exciting things to come.

Hopefully our little ladybug in Heaven is smiling down on her busy bees of parents.


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