Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Ramblings

I don't know where this summer has gone. It sometimes makes me so sad to think how fast time is moving.  To think that a little over two years ago we said goodbye to our little girl.  It still hits hard sometimes to realize that our life has continued to move on, our lives have now settled into a new normal, and that we still don't have our daughter.

So as summer is slowly coming to an end, I thought I would do a top five of what we are currently enjoying this summer.

1. Summer Activities: Summer has been filled with picnics, weddings, BBQs, long weekends at cabins, soaking up sunshine, block parties, mini vacations, boating and being with friends.  I really couldn't think of any other way I would want to spend June, July and August!

2.  Sunsets: Pink sunsets out on the lake just melt my heart in the summer.  I love sitting on the end of the dock and watching the sun sink down into the water.  It makes me feel like my little girl is showing me a little piece of heaven. 


3. Baseball Games: Watching the Minnesota Twins is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. Ella was a big fan of the Twins too. Her daddy even bought her a pink bat and ball. We just love going to the games, sitting outside, eating hot dogs and cheering on our favorite team. However, it does help if they are winning!

4. Bonfires: I love sitting around the fire with good friends, telling old stories, laughing until your sides hurt and singing along to music.  Roasting marshmallows for our smores and taking in the stars are probably the best things about summer nights. 


5. Ella's Halo Projects: We are looking forward to the launch of our upcoming book drive, meeting with students at Kids' Company in Prior Lake, Shop for a Cause with Macy's on August 27th, and serving dinner again at the Ronald McDonald House. All of these things in August as summer comes to an end.

What are you enjoying this summer?


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