Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springing Ahead

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I am not really sure where this past few months have gone. The sun is warm, the snow is gone and we are hitting record highs.  It sure feels like spring is here to stay!  So I thought I should spring ahead and get caught up on my blog, pushing forward with Ella's Halo and take advantage of the change in the air. 

February and March tend to be really busy months for us.  We have birthdays, anniversaries and preparing for bowling.  Things have just flown by the past two months. And before we know it will already be May 12th and we will be hosting another Ella's Halo Bowling for Babies event. 

I can't believe in 5 days our little girl will be three years old.  Where did those years go!?  It just feels like yesterday and our little girl made her quick and surprise arrival into our lives. Little did I know how much she would change our lives in her short time with us.  We are planning to spend the day together and to remember Ella on Sunday.  I am actually looking forward to her birthday this year and spending the day with her daddy.  I guess over time we are just thankful that we were lucky enough to have had her in our lives and her birthday becomes more of a celebration with each passing year.

In just two months we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Bowling for Babies event on May 12th at Park Tavern.  I can't believe this will be the 3rd year of bowling.  It is such a fun event with tons of families who come out and all help raise awareness and money for our cause.  It is so amazing what we have been able to do these past three years with Ella's Halo  and we are so excited about what is to come in the future too.  Just this year we donated 175 blankets thanks to the help of Plymouth Creek Elementary School, we also donated 785 books to NICUs, and already have donated 200 welcome bags.  It has been a busy first part of the year donating so many items to the NICU and we know with bowling this spring, sponsoring Children's Baby Steps in June, the rest of the year will be just as busy.

So those are just a few things that have been taking up our time lately.  I am looking forward to enjoy this beautiful weather, getting outside in the sunshine, and gearing up for another busy year of Ella's Halo.  Springing Ahead to Fun!


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