Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Sweet Poem

The day Ella died we received this wonderful poem from Ryan's cousin's wife, my dear friend and Ella's auntie Tracy. I love how it has everything we want to remember about our little girl all wrapped up into one sweet little poem. Thank you Tracy, it is a gift we will treasure forever.

The Tiniest Angel

The tiniest angel has sprouted her wings
She looks up at Jesus as Heaven’s choir sings
We know that she feels all our prayers and our love
As she’s cradled in the arms of our God up above.

Little baby Ella so precious and sweet
The most special little girl we could ever hope to meet
She came to us briefly and couldn’t stay long
But the love we all feel will remain to be strong.

A mother and father who miss her so much
And long for just one little kiss or a touch
Hold tight to each other, as grief will unfurl
And cling to the memory of their sweet baby girl

Ella we know that you miss Mom and Dad
And it’s hard for us all to see them be so sad
But we know you’re at peace and no pain you will know
And though they can’t see you their love will still grow.

We’ve all been so touched by your short precious life
And though this sad time will most surely bring strife
We celebrate the love that you brought us on Earth
From the happy news of pregnancy to your premature birth.

We couldn’t have known what a blessing you’d be
A sweet little angel sent for all of us to see
You’ve done so much good that you can’t possibly know
As you laid in your isolette struggling to grow

Your daddy and mommy were there by your side
So happy to have you and beaming with pride
They told us great stories of all you would do
From reading you books to your pink bow hairdo

They were there by your side keeping watch every day
And the rest of us all bowed our heads as we’d pray
For sweet Ella Jo to get bigger and stronger
But God missed you so much he couldn’t wait any longer

He brought you to heaven to live with him now
And as your family and friends we will all take a vow
To remember the love and the joy you brought here
And to think of you fondly each year after year

So as you now enter Heaven feeling peaceful and free
We know through your tiny eyes you’ll start to see
That though Mommy and Daddy may seem far apart
There’s no need to look further than your own little heart

For down deep inside there is where you will find
A love and affection of the most special kind
You’ll be with them always and forever you’ll be
Their sweet Ella Jo – their precious baby.

With love, "Auntie" Tracy


Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6 said...

Tracy always seems to have just the right words for us all when we need them... BEAUTIFUL!!!

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