Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Gift of Giving

As we approach the holidays, Ryan and I start to think of how we can give back and help others. This year we are fortunate to have something so near and dear to our hearts, Ella’s Halo, in which we are giving back to our friends at the NICU.

Our second board meeting was held this week and we discussed the various options of giving. One board member had a holiday party with friends and had them bring blankets which they donated to Ella’s Halo and another board member bought bereavement clothing which will be donated to the NICU in Ella’s memory. And my company is just now finishing up its donation drive for Ella’s Halo. It is amazing the support we are getting from friends and family and the donations that are coming in through the door.

This holiday is going to be very difficult for us, however on December 24th Ryan and I have something very special to look forward to. We are going to the NICU on Christmas Eve morning and dropping off our donations to the unit. It will be a wonderful way to remember our little girl.

Just remember that the act of giving never fails to bring rewards. It is a true gift and is evidence that we feel blessed enough to be able to help others. Giving isn’t always about money or items, it can be donating one’s time and talents to a cause you believe in. Give to your family, give to friends, give to others in need, but always remember to give love! It is the season of giving.


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