Monday, January 11, 2010

Ella's Poem

I received the best Christmas present this year!  My cousin wrote us a poem about Ella.  It is amazing how this sweet little baby girl touched so many others and how she is still such a strong part of our life and always will be.  I can just see my little girl up in heaven smiling down on us all.

This little girl

Holds the world in the curl
Of her tiny pink hand
From her clouds and her
Castles, built upon sand.

She is healthy and glowing,
As she watches above
So proud of her mom, and her dad,
And their love

Their little girl
Twinkles like little stars,
Holds the world in her hands,
Holds their love in her

She is there in the
Sunsets, and snowflakes and
The days when it hurts,
And there’s no one to blame.

She is wiping their tears, then
And filling their hearts
With the moments
An angel lay soft in their arms.


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