Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Babylost Mother's Day

May 2nd is a special day. It is International Babylost Mother's Day. It is a day that recognizes baby lost women as mothers. This is a question that any woman who has lost a baby struggles with....am I still a mother? Baby lost mothers can have a day to celebrate the connection with others who understand our pain, celebrate our children who are now our angels and celebrate the hope for our futures.

Still after all of this time I am often reminded that grief is part of me, part of this mother. It still catches me off guard for no reason. Sometimes the pain is back for a second or it lasts for the whole day. But it is still there deep within my heart. I thought as time went on it would heal this ache within my soul, but it simply is a dull ache that is always there. Just a forever reminder that my little girl isn't here with me. Forever a reminder that I am a baby lost mother.

At least I now have a day to embrace the fact that I am a mother. I am mother with grief in her soul, love in her heart and a baby that is a sweet angel. I have a day that I can still be sad and let grief grab me, because that simply means I loved unconditionally. It simply means that we are all beautiful mothers.



The Roberts Family said...

I think you said that perfectly. I wish you guys the best of luck with your fundraiser coming up.

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