Sunday, April 18, 2010

News Interview

On Thursday afternoon I was interviewed by Marni Hughes from Fox 9 News.  It was very exciting.  I was very nervous but so happy to be able to tell my story about donating Ella's breast milk to the hospital after she passed away. 

Donating milk to the Milk Bank at the hospital was not even a question for me after Ella died.  It was something I knew would help other babies and I knew would help me through the hard weeks after her death.  The need to give back was what kept me going and thus was the driving force behind Ryan and I starting Ella's Halo.  It helped us heal knowing that Ella's memory was living on.

The Fox news team came to our house to interview me. I am sure they got more than they bargined for when they asked me to talk about my baby girl. I could go on and on and I guess that is something us bereaved mothers have in common, the need to share our babies' stories.

It felt good knowing that I was helping to spread the word about a wonderful cause, the Milk Bank.  They help provide breast milk to babies, especially babies in the NICU.  I hope that more mothers like me who have recently lost a baby know that there are ways they can donate in loving memory of their sweet babies.  That giving back helps to heal our sad hearts.

Marni Hughes and Me after the interview

Check out the milk bank website at and also check out Fox 9 News website at  The link for the story hasn't been posted yet but I will update again once it is.


Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6 said...

just one more way that Ella has touched so many people.... amazing. Can't wait to see the story

Cherry Blossoms said...

Had no idea that there was a program such as the milk bank. Truly amazing and can't wait to see the story.

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