Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lucky

Most people think of green beer, rainbows and leprechauns on March 17th.  So I decided today I would reflect on something different.....on just how lucky I am.  Maybe it is the warm weather and spring being right around the corner but I am feeling lucky for so many reasons today.

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  • I am oh so lucky to have a wonderful husband and lucky he just happens to be Irish
  • I am lucky to be part of  Ella's Halo. I have to sometimes pinch myself to believe this is all true.
  • I am lucky because I have a little girl who is my own personal Saint watching over me.
  • I am lucky to be living in Minnesota.  Lucky today's beautiful weather will bring green grass.
  • I am lucky to have lots of dreams.  They give me hope and let me wish on rainbows.
  • I am lucky not to have a pot of gold but a heart full of love.
I hope that today you are all feeling as lucky as I am and may the luck of the Irish be yours.  Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Lisette said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are indeed a lucky person. Sending you many warm blessings.

Laci and Tony said...

Very cute!

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