Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halo Happenings (November Edition)

Welcome back to Halo Happenings. November is definitely starting off to be a crazy month.  We have lots going on (as always) around here.

As I am sure you have seen in emails or on facebook, but Ella's Halo is up for $10K Pepsi Refresh Grant.  It would be so awesome to win this so we can continue to help families in the NICU.  Here are a couple of easy ways to get your votes in now before November 30th.  Remember you can vote everyday so go and VOTE.

3 Steps to Voting Online:
1. Follow this link: http://www.refresheverything.com/ellashalo
2. Login or sign up (to sign up it just takes a minute). You can even login with your Facebook account.
3. VOTE and make sure to come back everyday after and continue voting.
2 Steps to Text Vote:
1. Grab your phone and text Pepsi at the number 73774
2. Put 109357 into your message and text again the next day

We are also doing our babies and book drive.  Join us now and during the holiday season by collecting new or gently used books for families in the NICUs.  We are looking forward to the  Minnesota Paralegal Association  and their Fall Gathering on November 17th.  We will have a table, will be collecting books and talking about Ella's Halo at this event and are super excited. So remember to grab some books when you are out shopping this holiday season. 

We are also looking for supporters to email KARE 11 at share@kare11.com to nominate Ella's Halo.  KARE 11 is celebrating 11/11/11 by recognizing local non-profits that give back to our community. Simply write a paragraph (no more than 111 words) telling them about your favorite local non-profit (Ella's Halo of course) and the difference they make for the community.   Please submit these by November 9th at 8:00 am (tomorrow morning).    Twenty-two entries will be randomly selected and announced on 11-11-11. So please send an email for Ella's Halo!

We are excited to host a volunteer event for Ella's Halo.  We are hosting a welcome bag making party which will all then be donated to area NICUs.  It will be a good way to get our volunteers together, enjoy some appetizers and cocktails, and help give back to our community.  Details about our first volunteer Helping Hour will be coming out later this month.  So check back soon!

And finally, did you know the November is Prematurity Awareness Month.  Premature birth is something that can happen to anyone!  Did you know that premature birth is the leading cause of newborn deaths world wide and that prematurity has risen by 30% since 1981.  It is a cause for concern and November is a month where we can bring awareness to these issues.  The March of Dimes provides so much information and statistics on premature babies.  And November 17 is World Prematurity Day when we all come together and focus on the issues of premature births.   

Check out next week when I pay tribute to Prematurity Awareness Month in my Tuesday Top Ten blog post. 

November is already off to a fun month.  So much to look forward to, great ways and ideas of giving back this holiday season, and we can't forget Thanksgiving and all that we are thankful for. 


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