Thursday, November 3, 2011


We are so excited to be up for the Pepsi Refresh Project $10K Grant.  It would be so amazing to win this grant so that we can continue to support babies and families in the NICU.  Just think $10,000 would help us support 3 NICUs in the Twin Cities for 2 years!  We would be helping so many families by providing over 1,000 bags. 

It is sooooooo simple and only takes just a few seconds in your day to vote.  There are two ways to vote.  Online or Text (or both)!

3 Steps to Voting Online:
1. Follow this link:
2. Login or sign up (to sign up it just takes a minute).  You can even login with your Facebook account. 
3. VOTE and make sure to come back everyday after and continue voting. 

2 Steps to Text Vote:
1. Grab your phone and text Pepsi at the number 73774
2. Put 109357 into your message and text again the next day

You can vote everyday! So go and VOTE!

Now that you voted, help us spread the word too.  It only takes a minute to pass along.

Here are some helpful tips:
1. Send an email to your friends and tell them to vote at
2. Link up to our event on Facebook and share with your online friends

 If we get enough votes from our supporters to stay in the top 15 projects in our category we will get a $10,000 grant!!

What perfect time to be up for this Pepsi Refresh Grant.  You have the entire month of November to vote and November just happens to be Prematurity Awareness Month.  So go on and keep voting so we can keep helping little preemies!


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