Friday, November 20, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

Ella’s Halo is officially having its first donation drive. My company started this week collecting blankets. So far over 50 blankets have been collected! I can’t believe our ideas are starting to come together and we are starting to do what we have wanted to do for the last six months, we are finally starting to be able to give back to our friends in the NICU. I have to pinch myself to make sure what my eyes are seeing is really coming true.

We have also been receiving kind notes with little donations from our friends and family which brings tears to my eyes every time we get something in the mail or someone drops something off. With each donation you can feel the love from others and know that their support isn’t only for our cause but for me and Ryan too.

Our eyes have been opened to how lucky we are to have our friends and family support us and be behind us every step of the way.

Our eyes have been opened to how caring, compassionate and gracious people can be. We are deeply blessed and strengthened by others who are supporting our cause.

Our eyes  have been opened to how much you can love a person. The love we have for our sweet little girl Ella will always be in our hearts and hopefully it will spread to many others who have tiny little babies in the NICU too.


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