Thursday, November 5, 2009

Saints and Halo

November 1st was All Saints Day. Ryan’s hometown church did their service in memory of people who had passed away this year. Our little girl was one of the people who the service was in memory of. Ryan was out of town and we were unable to attend and make it up north but I thought about her all day on Sunday. Even though I was home by myself I really didn’t feel alone, I felt like someone was watching over me. My own little saint. What a wonderful way to remember loved ones and to honor those whom have left us too soon.

We also have a few exciting things that have been happening here for Ella’s Halo. We received our Employer Identification Number, that allowed us the ability to open a checking account. Ryan and I officially got a checking account set up. We are getting things together and are finally starting to feel like our nonprofit is established.

Another exciting thing that is coming up is that my company has decided to donate items to Ella’s Halo during this holiday season. We normally pick a charity to donate toys, food or money, but this year they have decided to help our nonprofit with our first event. We will be having a blanket drive, book drive and a pizza party with all contributions going to Ella’s Halo. How exciting is that!!

I have also been in contact with a few people from the hospital. We are going to meet with them to hopefully get some things started there too. They have already been sharing so many wonderful ideas with us and we can’t wait to get started working with them on a regular basis.

Finally, Ryan and I have been working on our 1023 form and business plan. It is slowly coming together and we are looking forward to getting it approved by our board and sent off to be filed. Our next board meeting is scheduled for December 15 and I can’t wait!

The support from others that we know and even some we don’t know has been so overwhelming and touching. Unless you have walked this road of losing your child, you may never know how painful it is, but at the same time you never get to see all of the goodness in the world. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many supporters who believe in us. It has made our journey a little more hopeful!


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