Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Shooting Star

This past year brought us a shooting star. A bright shining glimmer of hope. Something you make wishes on. Something you see only in your dreams. Something so beautiful you have to blink to make sure you really saw it. Something so wonderful you think diamonds are falling from the sky, praying maybe, just maybe, God is showing you a piece of heaven here on earth.

And before you know it, that star is gone. The sky turns back to darkness and you are standing alone. You are wondering where it went and wishing you could have watched it longer. Standing in disbelief that you almost missed it. Sad that it is forever gone.

Then you realize that you had been blessed to have had that one precious moment. Lucky that you were chosen to have had such an experience. So lucky to have felt such a connection with something so beautiful. So lucky to have seen that little star.

I know that Ella’s life was like a shooting star. Filled with beauty, hope and love in such a short time that I often wonder if it was just a dream. She brought us so much happiness in such a brief instant and just like that she was gone. That is exactly how I want to remember our time with Ella...thanking our lucky stars for those precious little moments. Thanking our lucky stars that we were chosen to be her parents. Thanking our lucky stars that we have our memories. Thanking our lucky stars to have held something so beautiful. And thanking our lucky stars that we got to see a little piece of heaven here on earth.


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