Friday, February 12, 2010


We feel blessed that we have found friends in our support group and through our weekend retreat at Faith's Lodge who understand. Grief is something you never want to share with others but when you do, bonds form.

No one else can ever really understand until they are faced with the grief of losing a child themselves. And I would never want others to fully know that pain. However, these friends do know that feeling of always having a hole in your heart, the fear of the future while desperately trying to hold on to the past, and the comfort of being with others who understand all too well.

Over this past week, we’ve got to spend time with these new friends at our support group and at the Faith's Lodge Fish Fry. Their friendship, understanding and support have meant the world to us. Ryan and I have become so aware of how many families do have to face the pain of losing a child. This group of people will always have grief and pain in common but we also have sweet memories and love for our babies too!


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