Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Faith's Lodge 2010

There is a place,

out in the woods,

where hope grows,

friendships are formed,

love is renewed,

peace is reflected,

faith is inpiring,

and angels are remembered.

This place is Faith's Lodge.  We were lucky enough to get to spend another weekend in the woods, spending it with our support group, filming so others can see the healing experience families have at this beautiful retreat. It was a wonderful weekend with friends, each other and remembering our sweet angel.

Please check out Faith's Lodge website at http://www.faithslodge.org/ to learn more.


Cherry Blossoms said...

What a beautiful place to remember your angel and to come together with others during this time. May strength near and far always be with you.

Julie Serena said...

Said with grace, insight, and mission. That post was a brochure-worthy, commercial-worthy reflection of FL. Having been there with you, I am touched and impressed. Your ability to share beauty amidst trauma and pain and loss is TRULY your great gift. One of many, but certainly one that stands out to me.

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