Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Girls and Baseball

I will forever have a special place in my heart for baseball. My favorite memories with Ella and her daddy also have to do with baseball. 

Ella's daddy would race out of her hospital room to go check the baseball score only to race back in to tell her Joe Mauer hit a home run.

Or when he would sit by her bed and tell her that when she was a little older he would take her to the MN Twins game in the new stadium and she could bring her glove.

Or when he said he couldn't wait to teach his little girl to play catch in the back yard.

Or when her daddy stopped by a game to buy her a pink Twins bat and pink Twins ball because his little girl need to have a set of her own.

Or when he would kiss his tiniest little Twins fan after a win.

Or when he held her little hand and told her that she had to get better so that he could take her home and they could cuddle on the couch and watch baseball.

So this time of year as the Twins keep winning, I have been thinking what it would be like to have Ella here with us and going to the baseball games together as a family. And with such perfect timing a package shows up on our steps filled with blankets, Minnesota Twins blankets.

This beautiful package of donations came from two sweet little girls too (and their parents of course).  So maybe it is just something about little girls and baseball...........daddies just love them! 

Thank you to these little girls and to others who have donated blankets over the last few months.  Each and every time brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye because I know a little girl who is probably up in Heaven cheering us on that we are helping to bring comfort to other babies in the NICU. And she is probably watching the Twins.

To read more about these two little girls who donated to Ella's Halo, follow their mommy's blog at If you are interested in donating blankets to Ella's Halo, please email us at or go to our website to learn more about donating at


Anonymous said...

I know that Ryan would have loved to have been able to teach Ella the ins and outs of Twins baseball...but I hope it helps a little that Gramps is definitely talking her ear off this playoff season.


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