Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ronald McDonald House

Tonight, Ella's Halo served dinner to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  It was an amazing way to give back to families who have children in the hospital.

We served dinner to over 70 guests and volunteers.  It was one way Ella's Halo could actually "do" something to be able to help families and see their smiles in appreciation.  One woman even commented as we filled up her plate with warm turkey sandwiches and beans that she had seen some of our items in the NICU and that she knew about our organization.  I just kept putting sandwiches on plates so that my tears wouldn't start. 

It was amazing to know that Ella's Halo really has an impact on families and babies in the NICU. Serving dinner was an amazing gift to give to families who are living at the Ronald McDonald House and searching for small comforts of home to make their stay easier.

Ryan and I knew many families who had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their babies were in the NICU.  We knew that this was one organization we needed to volunteer for and help one day.  And what a wonderful way to do it by helping through Ella's Halo.

I know that Ella would have wanted us to spread our love and have Ella's Halo help other families and other organizations too.  Thank you for a wonderful evening Ronald McDonald!



Cherry Blossoms said...

Very sweet. Ella is def smiling on her mommy and daddy :)

Franchesca said...

Um, how awesome is that!!! My hubby and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House many times while Jenna was in the NICU at Texas Children's. I just love love LOVE how you are giving back! I wish I could get involved like that! Seriously, one day I would really love to. You are inspiring!!!

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