Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Blues

Maybe I am getting a case of the winter blues. The last two weeks I have sort of felt out of it and not wanting to do much. I always have so many ideas running through my head especially about Ella's Halo but I just can't seem to work up the motivation to do them. I was so excited to start the new year, but now with the cold temps and endless snow storms, I sort of feel like blahhhh.

I looked at my calendar today and I have decided it is time to start planning and get moving again. Over the next few months we have lots to do and now is the best time to get started and get rid of these winter blues.

In February, Ryan and I, and our board members are getting a tour of the new University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital. We are excited to see this new hospital and will also be stopping by the NICU to get a quick tour, now that it has been remodeled. This hospital will always have a special place in our hearts, as we spent 83 days and nights with our little girl there.

We are also having a Borders Benefit Days at the Minnetonka Borders Bookstore. A percentage of net sales raised will be donated to Ella's Halo. February 19 - 20 will be Ella's Halo Benefit Days at Borders and we will be providing vouchers so you can use the coupon at the Minnetonka store or online to buy books. Buy books and help babies.

Also, mark your calendars for Ella's Halo Bowling for Babies! We have the 2nd annual event scheduled for May 14th at Park Tavern. We hope to raise even more money this year to continue helping NICUs. We are working on getting letters together for prizes and for sponsors. If you are interested in donating items or would like to be a sponsor for this year's event, email me at

So, goodbye winter blues and hello to a busy next couple of months!


Rebecca Bany said...

Best of luck! God bless.

Kristin_OneCrazyMamaof4 said...

We (meaning the kidlets and I) should be in the Twin Cities the weekend of the Borders Event, so we will certainly be stopping by :)

Wish we could do the bowling for babies event...but again it falls on the same weekend as March for Babies in Bismarck... maybe some BIG planning/switch need to come into play for the ND Krumwiedes :)

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