Thursday, October 8, 2009


So much has been happening the last week. We have met with a representative from the hospital about setting up a fund, met with each board member and officially have set up our board of directors for Ella's Halo, and started our website.

We met with a woman from the hospital last week who will be able to help us set up a fund where Ella's Halo can donate money. That money will then be used towards purposes that we choose along with the help of the NICU staff being able to use the money towards items they wish to purchase as well. It is one of the many options that we have that will help benefit the NICU. Nothing has been done yet but we received so much information and she will be a wonderful reference for us to use in the future as we get Ella's Halo rolling.

Also Ryan and I meet with all of our board members and have officially asked them to be part of Ella's Halo. We are so excited they all accepted and want to help us make a difference. We have three board members along with myself who will be major assets to our nonprofit. We have someone with legal background, someone from the hospital who knew our little girl Ella, and someone who has had babies in the NICU too. They all bring wonderful experience, are all compassionate individuals, and have blessed our lives. We are in the process of setting up our first board meeting so we can get our Articles of Incorporation filed so Ella's Halo can officially be a corporation.

And finally, Ryan has set up a website at We are still working out the details getting information posted, formatting and design but at least we have the domain name saved. We are also meeting with one of Ryan's coworkers next week and discussing our logo. She has been working on it and will be letting us take a sneak peak next week. I am so glad she is helping us out as she is an awesome designer.

On a side note, October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. What a perfect month to get Ella's Halo set up and filed with the state.


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