Monday, October 26, 2009

Reaching Out

If you know of anyone who has spent any time in an NICU, who lost a baby or who just wants to help out, please pass along our information:,, or have them email us at We want to meet as many people as we can, learn their stories and find out what might have been helpful to make their hospital stay more like home. We are reaching out to our families and friends for your help to raise awareness of Ella's Halo and keep spreading the message. Now that we are officially incorporated, we want to get as many people involved in accomplishing our mission as we can. So please pass it along to everyone you can think of. We appreciated everything you have done for us, and appreciate all the help and support you have shown us over the last six months, and now we are asking for your help as we get our nonprofit off the ground. We are reaching out and wanting you to help be part of Ella's Halo.


Cherry Blossoms said...

Hi Taryn,
Does the family need to live in MN? I have a friend down here whose friend loss a baby after spending time in the NICU so they may be interested. This is so amazing what you and Ryan are doing- Heidi R.

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