Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tear Drops

I seem to have more tear drops this month. Tear drops of happiness, of pain, of hope, of sadness and of love.

Tear drops when I think about my little girl’s first birthday and wonder what she would be doing if she were here with us.

Tear drops when my friends ask questions about my baby because they want to know more about her, and because they care so much about us.

Tear drops when donations, blankets and books for Ella’s Halo keep coming in through the doors.

Tear drops when attending a memorial service for patients who have passed away at the hospital last year, and we lit a candle to remember our little girl.

Tear drops when we were visiting the NICU and had a chance to talk with one of Ella’s doctors, because we missed him and are forever grateful for the care that he gave our princess and our family.

Tear drops when I think back to this time last year and remember how scared we were.

Tear drops of when we remember her wiggling her toes to Twinkle Twinkle and all of the other funny little things she did to show us her love.

Tear drops when a card comes in the mail and is addressed to Ella’s mom with a little precious gift just for me.

Tear drops when I start thinking about Ella’s Halo bowling tournament and how we are going to help others.

Tear drops when we get messages that say others still think of her.

Tear drops when we miss her so much it hurts.


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