Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The sun is shining here in Minnesota today. Days like this make me feel hopeful for the future. Hopeful that after a storm the sun will come back out. Hopeful that Ella’s Halo is going to shine through and and provide hope and comfort to others. Hopeful that our little ray of sunshine is going to lead us down the path we were intended to travel. Hopeful that there is something bright in the future for our family.

Sometimes in all of the sadness the only thing that you have to hold on to is hope. Hope that you are going to survive and make it through all of the pain. Hope that you don’t forget your little baby and that the memories last. Hope that you can see why all of this happened and why you were chosen for this journey. And hope that someday the grief simply turns into comfort and love.

The sunshine brings me hope, even if it is only for today.


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